Wild Boar on the Kitchen Floor is available as a free pdf download at this address. Wild Boar is a classic expatriate-in-West-Africa cookbook.

Gabon Gourmet was put together by Peace Corps volunteers. Full of humor, information on ingredients and a great substitutions table, and oh yeah, recipes.

Congo Cookbook is put together by a missionary, highly authentic African recipes, although the site itself is marred by those annoying "Smiley" pop-ups. Disable pop-ups before visiting.
AllRecipes is an encyclopedic, go-to site, with folksy feedback and comments from people who love to cook. Membership is free and you can save lists of recipes you like, etc., formerly Recipezaar, is another site where you can become a member. These are both American-foody oriented, lots of asparagus and boneless skinless chicken breast (things unknown in Africa), but still a great resource.

There are other "big" sites like,, etc. but I haven't checked them out; the above are the ones I have found to be really helpful for just about any recipe you are looking for.

Nifty Noshing is a fun blog by an intrepid explorer of international food. Check out the African page for maybe more than you want to know about African food.

Free Indian Recipes is just that. You will want to eat the pictures. Options are given for tame spicing.

Hillbilly Housewife has recipes for more than just food (i.e., cleaners), and is focused on cooking from scratch and eating well on a minimal budget... kinda like what missionaries must do.

Ontario Soybean Growers has everything you need to know about turning humble soybeans into delicious food, including making tofu from scratch. Kudos to them for linking to VegWeb for more vegan recipes as well.

I will be adding more as time goes by.